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If you are looking for a foundation construction or repair company in Washington, DC, it’s imperative to choose a contractor that you can rely on. Work with our skilled and experienced contractors who are fully insured and licensed.

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Concrete Foundation and Basement Solutions for Your Washington Home and Business

Concrete slab foundations are pretty common in DC and can be found almost everywhere like single-family homes, townhouses, and even some low-rise apartment buildings. These concrete foundations in Washington are most suitable for level grounds and grounds with minimal slope. For budget-conscious builders and homeowners in Washington, DC, concrete slabs stand out as a cost-effective foundation option that doesn’t compromise on strength.

However, despite their durable structure, concrete foundations still get worn and damaged. Is your foundation showing signs of wear and tear, like settling or cracks in the foundation walls? Or maybe you are looking for a new foundation pouring to support the construction of your dream home or create a solid base for your new addition.

Whether you are looking for foundation repair in Washington, DC, or want to waterproof your residential or commercial basement, Metro DC Masonry can help.

Metro DC Masonry’s Concrete Foundation Construction and Repair Services in DC

At Metro DC Masonry, we are renowned for our experience and expertise in concrete foundation pouring and repair services throughout Washington, DC, ensuring the creation of enduring and robust structures.

Our passionate and skilled team delivers reliable foundations that provide even weight distribution and optimal strength, perfectly adaptable to commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

Metro DC Masonry specializes in constructing foundations in Washington, DC, that withstand various environmental stressors and elements, providing options for steel reinforcement and prioritizing meticulous engineering to ensure durability and reliability.

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New Construction Foundation Pouring in Washington, DC

Are you looking to start a new residential or commercial construction project? Our team of masons and construction specialists understands how crucial your foundation is in any new construction project, regardless of the scope or complexity.

Metro DC Masonry specializes in building strong and durable concrete foundations for new construction projects of all sizes and complexity. Our masonry experts ensure proper drainage, quality concrete mix, and steel reinforcement to create a solid and stable foundation for your commercial building or home.

Concrete Slab Construction from Metro DC Masonry

Concrete slabs offer a versatile and strong foundation option for some Washington homes and additions. Rely on our team to provide expert concrete slab construction services in DC, ensuring a level, stable and robust base for your building.

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Washington’s Leading Foundation Repair Contractors

Settling, cracks, and other foundation issues are serious enough to compromise the structural integrity of your home or commercial property. Outside forces, such as defective drainage and tree root growth, can put serious stress on your foundation walls beyond their standard holding capacity. Leaking walls, bowing walls, cracks, sinking floors, and, in some severe cases, falling walls might cause considerable strain on your foundation.

Before it’s too late, our team provides simple, permanent solutions to repair problems with your basement, foundation, crawl space, or concrete slab. At Metro DC Masonry, we use various methods that range from ground-breaking carbon fiber sheeting and steel beams to epoxy injections. The technique we deploy depends on the severity and nature of the foundation issues. We know that every structural issue is different and requires a customized solution.

Our experienced and trained team utilizes advanced and sophisticated techniques to diagnose the problem and offer effective and affordable foundation repair solutions, including:

Piering – We can install piers to stabilize and lift a settling foundation.
Underpinning – Rely on us to reinforce the foundation walls to improve support and prevent further movement.
Crack Repair– We are experts when it comes to sealing cracks in the foundation to prevent water infiltration and minimize structural issues.

Our expertise and wide range of products give us the versatility and flexibility to meet any need that other contractors can’t.

Concrete Foundation Issues that Metro DC Masonry Fixes

There are several issues related to your soil that our team can fix. Metro DC Masonry’s quick repairs and top-notch services ensure efficient and reliable results for years to come.

Cracked Foundations

Whether they are experiencing major cracks or hairline cracks, cracked foundations need immediate repairs. Our team fixes them using different methods, such as wall reinforcement and supplement lateral force wall anchors or tie-backs.


Poor drainage, leaks in the concrete slabs, and storms are all leading causes of flooding and often lead to soil erosion. Metro DC Masonry fixes the flooding issue by replacing the concrete slabs and then getting rid of the excess water.

Drainage Issues

Inadequate drainage can cause serious damage to the soil and foundation. Whether your Washington basement has sprung a leak or the drainage is poor, hire our team for crack repairs.

Rely on Metro DC Masonry for foundation repair in DC and nearby areas. Contact us for a thorough on-site consultation and an accurate estimate.

Foundation and Basement Waterproofing in Washington, DC

As Washington residents, we are quite familiar with the damage and issues that water and moisture can cause. Whether it’s peeling paint, rotten wood, mold and mildew, or some other structural or cosmetic problem, moisture or water damage creates serious issues and expensive repairs.

For basement and foundation waterproofing in Washington, DC, the experts at Metro DC Masonry aim to prevent or minimize the damage to your residential or commercial property that can result from inadequate foundation sealing and drainage.

Our team possesses the knowledge, skills, and materials to properly waterproof your Washington foundation. When you entrust us with your basement waterproofing in Washington, DC, you gain the confidence and peace of mind that you don’t need to worry about pesky foundation leaks in your commercial building or home.

Why Choose Metro DC Masonry

We can help you determine if your Washington home or commercial property has problems that need fixing. Our foundation experts and masons use years of experience and expertise to answer your home foundation repair queries and meticulously execute the process of repairing and restoring your broken concrete or uneven foundation.

Is your foundation bowed, cracked, or settled? If it requires foundation leveling, we would be pleased to offer you a hands-on approach and the most suitable solution at a reasonable price. Our team understands the specific soil conditions and issues in the Washington area and has the solution to fix your home or commercial foundation properly.

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